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After Work Comedy Night – Chicago Comedy Night













After Work Comedy Night – Chicago Comedy Night

with FITS & Friends Special Guest – Die Affirmative

Live English Improvisation Theatre

Third Wednesday of the month
Orange Peel Kaiserstraße 39
U-Bahn Willy Brandt Platz/Hauptbahnhof
Entrance €8/door, €7.00/online
This month: Chicago Comedy Night with special guest Die Affirmative from Mainz
The city of Chicago is home to improvisational theatre, which has revolutionized American comedy since the 1950s. FITS presents its own take on some of the most famous longform improvisation comedy styles that have traveled the US and the world, including the Harold, the Living Room, La Ronde and many more. In a longform improvisation piece, performers find interesting patterns and connections between stories, scenes and characters, exploring themes from a one-word suggestion made by an audience member that can last for up 30 minutes.
By finding the rules of play together, these interesting formats have become the cornerstone of modern comedy for many of the most famous comedy writers and actors working today. With the elongated playtime that longform formats allow, there are more interesting characters, and lasting story lines combined with relatable situations that go in unexpected directions, building into an electrifying crescendo of absurdity, complexity and artistry, never holding back on madcap and laughs.